Tormek Maintenance

Whilst not often required, it is important to know how to maintain your Tormek Grinder. The video below from Alan Holtham shows the disassembly and assembly of the key parts quite well. This is a great "how-to" on the parts that will need periodic maintenance.

The Tormek HB-10 Handbook outlines the followinging user maintenance activities :

  1. Re-true the stone often. Make the TT-50 your friend.

  2. Re-grease the nylon shaft bearings (actually, they are bushings) with any type of "ball bearing grease". Most users recommend simple white lithium grease. This should be done annually.

  3. Grindstones are like brake shoes : they wear out with use. Replace the grindstone when it gets too small.

  4. If there is a bump in the leather honing wheel, carefully sand it off.

  5. Every once in a while, you'll need to clean the rubber drive wheel (it is behind the leather honing wheel). That is the one which engages with the motor shaft. It can get dirty, especially in a wood worker's shop.

If you have something else, contact Tormek for support. They are great.

Tormek upgrades: EzyLock and AWT-250

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